What we do


Before the Brussels Tribunal, high-ranking politicians and officials will be held responsible by the civil society.  On the basis of genuine situations and by certified judges, a legal opinion on abuses of refugees’ rights will be developed.


Our lawyers bring cases before national and international courts against the EU, the Frontex agency, as well as against politicians and officials in Europe. The legal department helps victims to claim their rights and damages and supports other organisations with legal issues as well.


Instead of enabling safe and legal migration, granting protection to refugees and addressing the causes of flight, European policy sees migration as a threat. This is in violation of international and European agreements on refugee and human rights protection and obligations regarding sea rescue.

EU migration policy flagrantly violates all international and European legal frameworks on migration and borders: refugee law, human rights law, maritime law and criminal law.

It aims to stem migration flows from Africa at all costs. Given the 90% drop in arrivals on European soil, this policy is very effective.

But it also leads to genocide. The cost in terms of human lives and trampled human rights is unprecedented: in the last five years, 20,000 people have drowned in the Mediterranean and 50,000 survivors have been detained in “concentration camp-like conditions”. And the numbers are growing. (Omer Shatz, 2020)

For the first time since the Second World War and the founding of Europe, EU institutions, governments and officials are committing crimes against humanity in a systematic and unpunished manner.

These horrific crimes affect the most vulnerable people in the world: civilians in need of international protection.

front-LEX wants to restore the law at Europe’s borders by holding the EU, its member states and their officials accountable.

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