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We support legal action to ordinary courts and to the Brussels Tribunal 2022

FRONT-LEX Manifesto

Front-Lex denounces and condemns Europe’s policy of deterrence and closure.

European migration policy is based on deterrence and closure, no matter the cost. People are forced to take equally deadly routes to escape life-threatening conditions, be it through the Sahara, the Mediterranean or the Balkans. Tens of thousands of persons already have died from drowning and other perils while attempting such crossings. Instead of facilitating safe and legal migration, granting protection to those in exile and tackling the causes of emigration, the EU and its Member States have been treating migration as a threat to be defeated. In doing so, they openly violate almost all international and European agreements on human rights, refugee protection as well as obligations regarding rescue at sea. Over the past 10 years, countless crimes against humanity have been committed at Europe’s external borders.

Numerous protests by humanitarian organisations and individuals have gone unheeded. On the contrary, the policies of border control and deterrence are constantly being perfected, intensified and amplified. The conditions in the camps for migrants have reached an unprecedented level of inhumanity and ignominy. At the same time, rescuers and rescue organisations are systematically criticised, harassed, and criminalised through all kinds of procedures and by all imaginable means.

These infamous policies and the crimes associated with them are of historic proportions. For the first time since the Second World War and the founding of Europe, EU institutions, governments, and officials are committing crimes against humanity in such systematic ways and with such impunity. We are standing up and will not remain idle when faced with these outrageous practices. We will bring politicians and officials before the common courts and a civil court, specially convened in Brussels in 2022: the Front-Lex Tribunal. 

In order to restore the laws in force, the Front-Lex legal department has initiated a series of legal actions. We refuse to accept gross injustice and perpetual crimes against humanity.  Europe’s policy on exiles tramples on fundamental values of humanity and civic-mindedness. Such a Europe is not our Europe. Further tolerance of the abuses committed by the EU and its members would inevitably lead to the failure and destruction of the very idea of Europe. We are convinced Europeans, but we want a humane, humanitarian and open Europe that also takes its share of historical responsibility towards the world. Those responsible for violence, torture, enslavement, drowning, sexual abuse and murder must not go unpunished.

When politics fails, civil society must step in.

Front-Lex calls for a different EU migration policy. Together with the people who have suffered these crimes, we will organise a civil society tribunal in Brussels in 2022: the Front-Lex Tribunal. We will ensure that the voices of the victims are heard.  We will also provide a platform for the rehabilitation of volunteers and helpers who have been unjustly criminalised and sentenced to disproportionate punishment.

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