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Taking the EU to Court

EU migration policy aims to stem migration flows from Africa at all costs. With a 90% decrease in arrivals to EU soil, this policy is highly successful.

It is also genocidal. The costs in human lives and rights are unprecedented: 20,000 deaths in the Mediterranean and 50,000 survivors in “concentration camps-like conditions” in the past 5 years. And counting.

EU migration policy constitutes a flagrant breach of all the international and European law frameworks regulating migration and borders: refugee, human rights, maritime and criminal law.

For the first time since the Second World War and the founding of Europe, EU institutions, governments, and officials are committing crimes against humanity in such systematic ways and with such impunity.

These atrocious crimes are targeting the most vulnerable population on earth: civilians in need of international protection.

Front-Lex reinstates the Law at Europe’s borders by holding the EU, its Member States and their officials responsible.

Through legal actions and public trials, we will seek to terminate EU migration policy, provide remedy for its victims, and hold the culprits to account.

The First Legal Action v. Frontex: Press Release

The First Legal Action v. Frontex Press Release

The First Legal Action v. Frontex the Full Document:

The First Legal Action v. Frontex the Full Document

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The Washington Post:

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