Director of Studies at EHESS

Brussels Tribunal

Claude CALAME is Director of Studies at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris. He then taught at the universities of Lausanne, Urbino and Yale. He is a historian and anthropologist of ancient Greek culture. Sensitive to the neo-colonial domination to which the countries of the North have subjected the countries of the South through globalisation, he denounces the social and ecological consequences of this domination. First active in the SOS-Asile movement in Switzerland, he is committed to the respect of individual and social rights of migrants, as a member of the LDH (EHESS section), ATTAC (migration commission) and Ensemble!

In January 2019, he denounced the death of thousands of migrants in the central Mediterranean before the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal for Refugee Rights in Paris. He also edited, with Alain Fabart, the collective work Migrations forcées, discriminations et exclusions. Les enjeux de politiques néocoloniales (Paris, Le Croquant, 2020).

Claude Calame

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