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front-LEX is challenging EU migration policies through strategic litigation before EU (CJEU), European (ECtHR) and International (ICC) Courts.

Giving advice and providing pro-bono legal representation to individual and organisational victims of EU migration policies, front-LEX aims to bring about policy change, provide remedy to victims and hold those responsible to account.

In 2021-2023:

We filed the first ever human rights case against Frontex (CJEU).

We filed the first ever damages lawsuit of a pushback survivor against Frontex (CJEU).


We filed the first ever case of a pushback of an EU citizen (ECtHR).


We filed a case concerning the push-back policy at the Evros river (ECtHR). 


We filed a legal pre-action to oblige the EU Commission to dismiss Frontex’s ex-Director Fabrice Leggeri (CJEU).

We filed a Court motion to oblige Frontex to disclose the damning OLAF report against Frontex (CJEU)

We filed a legal pre-action against the new Frontex Director Aija Kalnaja to immediately suspend or terminate Frontex’s operations in the Aegean Sea Region, inter alia based on the OLAF report (CJEU).


We continue working with our partners on the pending case against European officials implicated with Crimes Against Humanity in connection with EU policy in the Central Mediterranean and Libya (ICC).

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