French citizen and push-back victim sues Greece with the help of front-LEX

In February 2022, front-LEX filed a case against Greece at the European Court of Human Rights against the racist push-back of a French student.

The applicant left France to study at a Turkish university. After she and her husband were politically persecuted by the Turkish regime and sentenced to six years in prison, they fled to Greece to return to the EU and eventually to their family in France.

After crossing the Evros River in October 2021, the applicant showed her French identity card and passport to the Greek security forces, informing them of the political persecution and danger she faced in Turkey and pleading for assistance. In parallel, her French family contacted Greek and French consulates several times asking for urgent diplomatic protection, but to no avail:

Greek security forces abducted, detained, abused and threatened her, forcibly forced her onto an unfit boat and collectively deported her to Turkey. There she was captured by soldiers, her six-year sentence began and she was detained in cruel, degrading and inhuman conditions.

The Greek government and Frontex commit countless human rights violations at the EU’s external borders. Whether EU citizens or foreigners, tens of thousands of babies, women and men have fallen victim to the appalling pushback policy. front-LEX calls on the EU to immediately launch infringement proceedings against Greece and end Frontex’s deployment in the country.

In the context of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU, front-LEX calls on the French government to ask Greece to immediately stop its pushback policy and to demand that Turkey release the French citizen and allow her to return to France.

Press release (18.02.22)

Omer Shatz und Estelle Nandnaba (front-LEX Abteilung Rechtsstreitigkeiten)

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