Where injustice becomes right, resistance becomes duty

(KHJ) The court in Locri/Calabria has sentenced the former mayor of the municipality of Riace Domenico Lucano, the figurehead of the European welcome culture, to 13 years and two months in prison. Front-Lex protests the sentence in the strongest terms. The trial was instigated by a xenophobic Italian government as a deterrent for refugee supporters. The Riace integration model was made an example of. It turns every sense of justice on its head.

Read here a translated excerpt from VOLERELALUNA (source)

This is not justice 01/10/2021 – Livio Pepino

Mimmo Lucano, former mayor of Riace, was sentenced to 13 years and 2 months in prison by the Locri court for an impressive series of crimes (criminal association, abuse of office, fraud against the state, embezzlement, ideological falsity, aiding and abetting illegal immigration, etc.).

But in Locri it was not only Mimmo Lucano who was sentenced. What was condemned was hospitality and humanity. This is clear from the charge of criminal association and the amount of the sentence imposed. It is an inverted world where solidarity and human dignity are optional and the model is bureaucratic obtuseness. The opposite of what the constitution requires.

In organising the reception of migrants in Riace, Lucano responded to the delays and failures of the interior administration with numerous and repeated administrative measures.

Riace is unique in the national panorama. Other cities and municipalities have welcomed migrants, even on a larger scale and with equally positive results. But Riace has not limited itself to reception and integration. The reception of migrants has become the heart of a project that includes many deeply innovative elements: the practice of free solidarity, a concrete commitment against the ‘ndrangheta, a citizen-based management of institutions and the revitalisation of one of the many places destined for neglect and inexorable decay. Incredibly, this project succeeded despite many difficulties. The strength of Riace was its anomaly. The ability to break with formal schemes and bureaucratic obtuseness. To find solutions to people’s problems even when other institutions are absent or boycotting them. The election of Lucano for three consecutive terms was proof that an open people can build consensus, that it is possible to hold together the last and the penultimate, that there is an alternative to the status quo. None of this could be tolerated in the Italy of hate preachers, waste, corruption, political careerism, coexistence with the mafia, local egoism and rejection of diversity. Hence the reaction of the establishment, the controls and cutbacks, the delegitimisation and the (inappropriate) invocation of legality, the trial and arrest of Lucano and finally his conviction.

The sentence chosen by the judges for Lucano is almost double the one requested by the prosecution and already abnormal, and higher than the sentence imposed on those responsible for “mafia capitale” and Luca Traini for the racist attack in Macerata on 3 February 2018, although it was classified as a massacre: https://volerelaluna.it/controcanto/2018/02/04/buio-mezzogiorno-terrorismo-macerata/). It is hard to deny that this is excessive, unreasonable and infuriating.

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