Austria again involved in illegal pushbacks

(KHJ) For the umpteenth time, Austrian police have been implicated in illegal pushbacks of asylum seekers. A minor from Somalia is said to have been returned to Slovenia, although he made it clear that he wanted to apply for asylum. The cases are not as spectacular as those of the Greek navy, but just as reprehensible. According to its own information, the Push-Back Alarm Austria initiative currently has about 15 similar suspected cases of illegal refoulement.

Rejections at the border without individual assessment of the need for protection – called push-backs – are illegal according to the Geneva Refugee Convention (GRC), the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and EU law. Nevertheless, there have been increasing reports of such pushbacks in recent months, especially from the Mediterranean region from Greece to Turkey, but also of chain deportations along the Balkan route.

Click here for the report by ORF/Styria

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